Disc Golfing in the U.S.A.

12 Dec

Golf discs used today are much smaller and heavier than traditional flying discs,   8 or 9 inches in diameter and weighing between 129 and 180 grams. There are a variety of discs used in disc golf and they are generally divided into three categories: putters, all-purpose mid-range discs, and drivers.  Putters are comparable to the discs used in simple games of catch, such as the Wham-o brand Frisbee. They are designed to fly in a straight line, true to form, and very gradually compared to mid-range discs and drivers. They are used for tight, controlled shots that are close to the basket, although some players use them for tiny drives where trees or other obstacles come into play. Usually a pro carries 1-7 putters depending on their flight individuality.  Disc golf is a sport I have been reading a lot about and hope to someday make disc golf something more familiar to my friends and family so we can all play together.

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