Prospective : the big three and Harlem Yu combined for sixth consecutive wins, the rocket

12 Nov

November 12th report:
Houston rockets ( 3 wins and 3 losses ) from a suitable opponent winning feeling back, tomorrow they will at Toyota Center sorely tested, they will encounter the Miami Heat team ( 5 – 2 ). James harden and Jeremy Lin to fight for the team to remain strong over the defending champion, but in Memphis experienced a defeat the team of showing tremendous enthusiasm needed victory rally, Lebron – James, Chris – Bosh and Dwayne – Wade will be harder to win. ( Beijing November 13th 9 at Toyota Center )
Two winning streak to start the season rockets hit three-game losing streak, the team suffered great pressure, the start of the season have a praise Harden also hear more voices. Fortunately, the Rockets have a cheap nfl jerseys suitable rival – the pistons, which allows them to seize the opportunity to end the streak. Harden with the help of the game found some scores on sensation, Jeremy Lin on the court, has played an important role, especially in the third quarter the offense was highlighted by his drive up. Tomorrow Harlem Yu combination play still about rocket fate, the two of them must contribute in attack.
On the season Jeremy Lin was Nicks while playing, his insane was the heat’s strong campaign, this time to meet friends, Jeremy Lin have to control the individual errors, try to find a shooting star. In the finals Harden in the heat before the team also did not fully play out, now the Rockets became the leader, he ushered in the Revenge of the opportunity, face Wade, Harden to play more aggressive, but he needs to pay attention to the rationality of handling the ball, to avoid a long holding time. Compared with the Grizzlies, the Rockets inside against heat team lack a powerful weapon, which makes them have more reliant on outside, Parsons, Delfino and others have to fight to be played. Asik on the backboard of the control you want to do better, Paterson ( micro-blog ), Smith and others will be in inside to defending champion impact. The strength contrast, the Rockets must be at a disadvantage, they can only use the youthful vigor and spirit go more the opposition. Coach Mchale is unlikely to return, interim coach Simpson in teaching has some changes, a small lineup to use team to bring more vitality, don’t know if this for some shock heat team.
The heat’s streak was the Grizzlies ended, no exaggeration to say they are inside the opponent by Gasol and Randolph, in the face of the combination, they almost be put in a quandary, their line-up of the most short board once again exposed. This defeat will only be stimulated Heat team rebound momentum, tomorrow at Toyota Center Lebron will play more aggressive. As the team leader, Lebron will use overall performance drives the team, meet the Rockets Bosh inside the pressure will reduce many, believed that he would be offensive to the heat team to help bring greater. Wade ‘s comeback performance, he needs to find his shots to wholesale jerseys help the team, Chamers will be with defense to pester Jeremy Lin. Battier ( micro-blog ) to return to Houston, he is in line to play is worth paying attention, the bench, Lewis and Allen, they have to do is to hold open shots.
On the season two teams have had a confrontation, the home team to win, this is their fifth consecutive victory over the rockets. In Houston, the Rockets have been lost to the match two times.
The two sides are expected to lineup:
Heat: chuck Moss, Wade, Battier, Lebron, Bosh,
Rocket team: Jeremy Lin, Parsons, Paterson, Asik, Haddonfield

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